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2020-02-18 09:39

TServerSocket in multithread mode, Example for building. This is a simple multithreaded server build with TServerSocket. The clients (Use Telnet or something) can connect toHi, i want to send some large files from TServerSocket to TClientSocket. I know that i can use SendStream but i need to divide this file into small packages with adding some additional header in front of these. But i couldn't make it work. I tried to send it into OnClientWrite event but it is only triggers one time: (. So not usefull. tserversocket delphi example

Identifying Clients Connected To TServerSocket I'm trying to make sense of ServerSocket and ClientSocket in Delphi 5 by writing my own little chat program like many others have. I have separate server and client programs the server running on another machine on my home network.

May 02, 2014 , , . . . Does somebody can send me source code for small and fast HTTP server example using TServerSocket in multithreading mode?tserversocket delphi example TClientSocket and TServerSocket in Delphi 2009 I have two Delphi 2007 applications which exchange text messages over a LAN using a TServerSocket and a TClientSocket. All messages are in plain ASCII characters. I'm now trying to convert those applications to Delphi 2009.

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I'm trying to find these components in the palette in Delphi 7. I do this: Component Configure Palette Set pages to [All Alphabetise the list for the Name column There is no TServerSocket and no TClientSocket . tserversocket delphi example Class TServerSocket java. lang. Object Feb 10, 2019  Using the tserversocket component This letter was originally posted to delphi3000. com The Delphi documentation on the TServerSocket's multithreading capabilities can appear a re: TServerSocket and TClientSocket are Missing from Delphi 7. yea im also looking for it it would be really nice Reply Posted by Rooney Stoneage on Aug 05 2007 A Simple OneWay Program to Send Text. To build a simple example using the socket components provided by Delphi, create two formsone for the server and one for the client computer. The idea is to enable the clients to send some textual data to the server. To start, open Delphi twice, creating one project for the server application and one for the client.

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