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Examples of Electric Motors. An electric car has an electric motor. The energy stored in the car's batteries is converted into the rotation of the wheels. A food processor works on exactly the same principle. Electrical energy from the outlet is turned into rotation in the food processor, and if you attach blades to the part that turns,An electric motor with a speed reducer was fixed on top of the body, and the motor was activated by a control system. From Cambridge English Corpus In an attempt to achieve selfstabilization, they actuated the central electric motor (actuator) with a delay cycle timer. electric motor examples

Electric drive technology uses predominantly threephase synchronous or asynchronous machines. Variable speed control is mostly carried out by converters. Motor drives application examples. Solutions for electric drives. SEMIKRON Products for electric motor drives. SEMITRANS. SEMITRANS. SEMiX. SEMiX. MiniSKiiP. MiniSKiiP. SKiM

Apr 05, 2009 It also has a motor to run the fan to blow of excess heat. Now that I think about it it has motors in the freezer to run the ice maker, and to run the ice dispenser. There is a motor on the dishwasher. On the counter there is a Kitchenaid stand mixer. It has a 350 w motor that runs through planetary gears to mix my bread and mashed potatoes. Example sentences with the word motor. motor example sentences. Definitions. Synonyms. SentencesSentence examples. Motor Sentence Examples. It has a motor an electric motor and he's on a narrow trail! A California plate on a motor home will stick out like a sore thumb.electric motor examples An electric motor is an example of an electromechanical energy converter. It takes electrical energy and converts it into mechanical energy, which is used to do work such as rotate a fan or drive an electric vehicle. 6 people found this useful.

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Brushless. An example of brushless design are in Stepper Motors, which are primarily used in openloop position control, with uses from printers through to industrial applications such as electric motor examples However, there are Starter Motors, Electric Window Motors& Heater Blower Motors. Household items like Blenders, Kitchen Mixers, Microwave Ovens with Turntables, Air Conditioners, Cooling Fans& Table Saws use Motors. There are also Electric Shavers, Clocks& Bathroom Vent Fans that utilize Electric Examples of electric motors include: fans, washing machines, fridges, pool pumps, vacuum cleaners and fan ovens.

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