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Nov 08, 2006 3 sims in estate 1 1 sim in estate 2. You should be the owner of this sim. 1 sim with no estate I'm not sure if there's a userfriendly way to set up estates or sim ownership. I believe the CSR tool can create estates. The God God Tools item should be able to assign a sim to an estate, if you know the estate number.Mar 15, 2006 Second Life Stratics your new premier resource for all things Second Life. Free to join, sign up today! Pocket Protector Projects Rosieri 90, 234, 84 building and landscaping services second life estate tools

Private Regions are regions in Second Life that are explicitly paid for and controlled by a Resident. In general, Private Region ownership is an excellent choice for Residents who: You can customize this using the RegionEstate tools: From the Viewer menus, go to World Place Profile RegionEstate

May 08, 2008 Second Life RegionEstate tool overview Gimpy24x7. Loading Unsubscribe from Gimpy24x7? Second Life's real estate barons Duration: 3: 18. CNN Business 142, 999 views. Feb 24, 2011 Managing Private Regions Sign in to follow this. Followers 0. Managing Private Regions. By Jeremy Linden (edited) select Advanced Performance Tools Statistics Bar. choose World RegionEstate in the Second Life Viewer, and click the Terrain tab. Then: To backup your terrain.second life estate tools Aug 17, 2009 From Second Life Wiki. The Estate Menu (overview) You can restart the region, change the texture, give limits, send server messages etc. The Estate Menu was created as a tool to help sim owners better control their land without the limits of About Land. The estate menu allows you to control things, to make reselling easier

Second life estate tools free

Dec 21, 2006. A bunch of griefers in Second Life staged a membersonly metaverse assault on 'virtual real estate tycoon' Anshe Chung yesterday, during a staged SL. Herald filed a comprehensive report of the incident here and tells BoingBoing, 'If you can't visualize it, see this YouTube clip: Link Google Video Link. Second Life Griefing Tools Clip. second life estate tools Mar 16, 2006  A region is also known as a simulator, this will be m2 of land with its own simulator name ie Ahern. In this case only private island owners have access to the functioning estateregion tool

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