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Consonant clusters (or blends) can appear in syllableinitial or syllablefinal position. Cluster reduction occurs when any consonant of a cluster is omitted. The reduction may be partial, with at least one member of the cluster still being produced, or total, with the entire cluster being omitted. Examples:processes that persist are stopping, gliding, and cluster reduction. When these processes persist speech therapy is indicated. The theory of therapy when these processes are involved, is that practice of one sound will carryover to a whole group of sounds. Sometimes this does work while other children need to work on sounds individually. cluster reduction examples

Phonological processes are the patterns that young children use to simplify adult speech. All children use these processes while their speech and language are developing. For example, very young children (ages 1 to 3) may say wawa for water or tat for cat. Other children may leave out the final sound in words (for example,

When a consonant cluster is reduced to a single consonant When a sound is added between two consonants, typically the uh sound Cluster Reduction Epenthesis SyllAble Structure pane for plane bulue for blue Gone by 4 yrs. without s, gone by 5 yrs. Dec 22, 2009 I've noticed that in some TV programs some final consonant clusters are reduced. Here are a few examples that I've noticed: facts fax gifts gifs tests tess tasks tass asked asst kicked kit Is it acceptable to make these kind of reductions in American English?cluster reduction examples Phonological Process Definition Examples Age Eliminated By Cluster Reduction Reduction of a consonant cluster (two consonants next to one another) to a single sound tuck for truck sool for school 40 Final Consonant Delition Deletion of the final sound (consnant) in a word cuh for cup dah for dog 30 Initial Consonant Deletion

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violation. Some examples of alternative candidates for cluster reduction in hands are presented in (3). (3) Base form Contextual cluster reduction Inflected input Deletion Selected coalescence candidates hand [hand hands han1d2z3 han1z han1, 2z, hanz2, 3 han d1, 2z, han1d z2, 3, han d z1, 2, 3 cluster reduction examples This type of mistake is actually called cluster reduction. Cluster reduction in speech is when a consonant cluster, that is two or three consonants occurring in sequence in a word (like nd in friend), is reduced by a child into a single consonant through omission. Cluster Reduction: consonant cluster is simplified into a single consonant: top for stop. keen for clean. with s 5. without s 4 Cluster reduction is a goal some children have in speech therapy where they are encouraged to improve their speech by saying all the consonant sounds in a word. To improve a word like pider for spider try some of these activities. Richard Nordquist is a freelance writer and former professor of English and Rhetoric who wrote collegelevel Grammar and Composition textbooks. This process, called consonant cluster simplification (or reduction) sometimes occurs when at least one consonant in a sequence of adjacent consonants is

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